About the programme

Welcome to your International Healthcare Programme!

The International Healthcare Programme is a health protection programme that provides you and, in some cases, your family members with the following benefits:


Access to an Expert Second Medical Opinion available for you and your direct family members

This service offers the review of any medical condition considered to be of a critical, chronic or degenerative nature as well as those that affect the ability of an individual to continue performing their normal daily activities.

At the core of the service is an expert database of over 53,000 of the world’s leading specialists, which uses a peer-nominated methodology to build a respected and unique network of specialists who are internationally recognised as the best in their field.


Precision CancerCare™ - Access to precision medicine for certain cancer diagnoses

(available only for employees, not for direct family members, except testing for potential hereditary mutations).

A service at the forefront of medical advances in the fight against cancer, precision medicine, provides individuals diagnosed with certain forms of cancer, the possibility to have a biopsy sample analysed by the most advanced laboratories, using molecular profiling techniques such as Next Generation Sequencing.

The results are translated by an Expert Medical Board, made up of leading geneticists and oncologists, into a personalised (targeted) treatment plan, with specific treatment recommendations compatible with the unique genetic profile of each individual’s cancer.

Where the molecular profiling analysis detects a heredity mutation which can be passed on to family members, direct family members will also be tested, and, if positive, a session can be arranged with a genetic counsellor.


Insurance coverage for the treatment of the following serious illnesses and complex conditions:

(Available to employees)

  • Cancer treatment
  • Coronary artery by-pass surgery
  • Heart valve replacement or repair
  • Neurosurgery
  • Live-donor organ Transplant
  • Bone Marrow Transplant

What's included?

  • Cover for medical treatment, travel and accommodation expenses as well as other benefits when receiving treatment for specific serious illnesses at leading international hospitals outside of your country of residence and/or employment.
  • Refund of medication expenses once you get home.
  • Full navigation & support throughout treatment and upon your return home.

The above is subject to policy terms & conditions. For specific details of what the Programme does and does not cover, please refer to the Handbook.

You have the option of purchasing the above insurance coverage for your family members (eligible partners/spouses and dependent children). If you would like more information on ensuring your family members also have access to the best international treatment, please contact us at ispgeneral@wegofurther.com.