International Healthcare Programme

Know a product that will give you access to the best medical support in the world when you need it.

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Product Features

Exceptional health advice and treatment for serious conditions at the world’s leading hospitals. Without hassle, headaches or hard work. All part of the service. There when you need it.

500,000 € cover per person per year, 1 million € per lifetime

We provide the financial benefit to cover all medical, travel and accommodation expenses whilst abroad for treatment.

We’ve got you covered

Your policy covers you for treatment abroad for the following complex treatments: cancer treatment; coronary artery by-pass surgery, heart valve replacement or repair; live organ donor transplant; bone marrow transplant; neurosurgery.

Worldwide access to leading medical expertise

We help you choose an international hospital and medical team, with renowned expertise in your condition.

Full concierge services for you and a companion

We confirm your diagnosis, arrange visas, travel and treatment from door-to-door, and provide local language support so you can concentrate on getting better.



Follow the Contacts page and call/email us to initiate your claim:

  • One of our medical team will speak with you to confirm your diagnosis and obtain a second medical opinion;
  • Once completed, and you seek to receive treatment abroad, we will help you choose a leading international hospital and medical team;
  • We will assist you from door-to-door to receive your treatment; and upon return to your country, we will provide you with a comprehensive report and plan for the continuation of treatment.